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I hate working in groups(with idiots)
France, Hetalia, Francis
 I hate doing group work because it is so inefficient(to work with idiots). I'm so mad that I don't want to do the work since they aren't listening to me and deciding things on their own anyway. Today we had to choose an image to represent the dictator for the board game we are making and they rejected my idea for it(actually they rejected and disregarded all my ideas and suggestions, they don't even tell me what is going on or what they're doing). I wanted a young and cool dictator, who looks cute on the surface but is actually very scary(yandere): I actually wanted to say that. Instead they want some old 50 year old bearded guy(they didn't even tell me who even though I was supposed to be charge of that since that was part of my role). If only It was an independent project, then I could make it much better. (Those idiots changed everything from what they said in the beginning when we were making an outline. And what kind of wannabe dictator/ruler of Russia would hire an assassin instead of doing the work themselves?! There is no way someone like that can be successful.
Russia(Hetalia)-left, Ivan The Terrible-right


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